What is R-M Premium Partners

R-M Premium Partners was launched first in Germany in 2011. Aiming at a common pursuit of excellence, it has enjoyed huge success amongst customers and is growing steadily across Europe.

R-M Premium Partners is a network of bodyshops that has already attained R-M standards of operational excellence and are committed to moving forward together. 
The members meet several times a year to discuss subjects of their own choice and preview new R-M products. Throughout the year they are offered seminars on various themes with one common goal: to help them become more efficient and competitive.

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THE PRODUCTIVITY PROGRAM: a new R-M service giving top priority to R-M Premium Partners

This program is reserved for bodyshops showing the highest commitment to developing their productivity. It consists of 3 steps:

- An R-M audit to assess the bodyshop’s performance (technical equipment, key figures, service offering, etc.)
- Continuous assessment by R-M, to quickly evaluate workplace efficiency and define precise measures for improvement.
- Personalised marketing support from an R-M consultant, to improve brand image and visibility.

R-M Premium Partners
Business Seminars - Performance

R-M Premium Partners’ portfolio of business seminars is geared towards the needs of the member businesses, with the focus on business management topics. Doing business as an entrepreneur and answering the question “Where does my business stand?” require support based on sound business know-how.

In which areas do you or your business require support? What challenges will you have to face in the coming years? What strategic steps are required to meet these challenges?
For an annual fee, any R-M customer can become an R-M Premium Partner, actively take advantage the comprehensive range of services and all the benefits that this partnership offers, and foster exchange.

Experienced R-M customer consultants in the automotive refinish sector and selected external partners conduct the business seminars.

Marketing – Communication

How do you present yourself and your business to the rest of the world in a professional manner?
From advertising to the corporate image and a uniform company dress code, communication occurs with customers – consciously or unconsciously. For this reason, marketing communication is an integral component of R-M Premium Partners’ portfolio. The seminar helps bodyshop owners design the interfaces between the bodyshop and its customers in a professional manner.

R-M Premium Partners works together with agencies that can help bodyshops use the topic of communication to benefit their businesses. The agencies are specialised in developing and complying with a uniform corporate design and in designing and producing advertising materials or new media, from the first consultation to technical realisation.It is especially important to R-M Premium Partners to develop and convey the identity, values and goals of the member businesses in a way that advances the brand. After all, this is the only way that both employees and customers can truly perceive the performance capacity and special value of the business.

Annual event

Take a step back and view the industry from a completely different perspective.
By offering events like the annual event and company tours, R-M Premium Partners aims to foster exchange among the members, both on a national level and in Europe.

Check our youtube and watch European R-M Premium Partners events

Individual advice – Excellence

The main idea behind R-M Premium Partners is to do even more for our individual customers. With R-M Premium Partners, the R-M brand aims to be a close and personal partner for its customers.
In order to achieve superior performance in the customers’ own bodyshops, R-M Premium Partners offers ISO group certification and individual advice on bodyshop planning, process optimisation or energy management – all at the customers’ own bodyshops.